Taking young minds seriously


We are blessed to have a terrific faculty of dedicated and talented teachers and staff.

Headmaster – Mr. Ben Rutherford*

Instructional Specialist - Mrs. Debby Victor

Office Administrator – Miss Emily Gilmore

PreK/Kindergarten Teacher – Mrs. Emily Gale

1st/2nd Grade Teacher – Mrs. Kathryn Nestor

3rd/4th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Wendy Rehl

5th/6th Grade Teacher - Mrs. Sarah McKay

7th/8th Grade Teacher – Mr. Kodiak Dschida**

Latin Teacher – Mr. Philip Schaffer

Upper School English Teacher – Dr. Melissa Parlin

Upper School History Teacher – Mr. Kevin Ritter

Upper School Mathematics Teacher – Mr. Williams Sears

Art Adjunct – Mrs. Christina Rosenlieb

Music Teacher – Mrs. Megan Dougherty

Music (Voice) Adjunct – Mrs. Melissa Corcoran

PreK/K Teacher Aide – Mrs. Rachelle Smith

Running Club Coordinator – Mr. Jared Rehl

Tennis Instructor - Mr. Jawn Smith

Chess Club Coach – Mr. Jeff Staudt

Cicero Club (debate/forensics) – Mrs. Khadine Ritter

Photography Club – Mrs. Holly Hamrick

* Mr. Rutherford also teaches Biology, Chemistry, and Philosophy

**Mr. Dschida also teaches German

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position, please contact Mr. Rutherford at (740) 885-2033.