Taking young minds seriously


We are blessed to have a terrific faculty of dedicated and talented teachers and staff.

Administrators/Founders – Naresh & Melissa Nayak, Austin & Wendy Rehl, Kevin & Khadine Ritter

Headmaster – Dr. Nicholas Newman

Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Sheri Elder

IT and AV Specialist – Mr. Bill Haas

Montessori Teacher – Mrs. Sylvia Rajakaruna  (on leave in 2020-21)

Little PreK Teacher – Mrs. Lindsey Mowrey

PreK Teacher – Mrs. Casey Newman

Kindergarten Teacher – Mrs. Arielle Taylor

1st/2nd Grade Teacher – Miss Rachel McClung

3rd/4th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Wendy Rehl

5th/6th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Sarah McKay

7th/8th Grade Teacher – Mrs. Rachelle Smith

Latin and History Teacher – Mr. Philip Schaffer

Upper School English and Economics Teacher – Mrs. Rachelle Smith

Upper School History and Government Adjunct – Mr. Kevin Ritter

Upper School Chemistry Adjunct – Dr. Bonnie Martinez

Upper School Biology Adjunct – Dr. Jack Whitehead

Upper School Mathematics Teacher – Mr. William Sears

Art Adjunct – Mr. Geoff Schenkel

Music Teacher – Mrs. Megan Dougherty

Spanish Teacher – Mrs. Casey Newman

5th Grade Mathematics Adjunct – Mr. Den Hedrick

7th/8th Grade Mathematics Adjunct – Mrs. Arielle Taylor

7th/8th Grade Literature Teacher – Mrs. Rachelle Smith

Logic, Philosphy, Ancient Greek – Dr. Nicholas Newman

Teacher Aide – Mrs. Amanda Watkins

Teacher Aide – Mrs. Tamra Hedrick

Middle School Tennis Coach and Team Coordinator – Mr. Jawn Smith and Mrs. Amy Strobl

Upper School Tennis Coach and Team Coordinator – Dr. Austin Rehl

Volleyball Coach – Mrs. Mallory Nolan

Basketball Coaches (3rd/4th grade) – Mr. Seth Bertram

Cicero Club (speech/debate) – Mrs. Khadine Ritter

Math Counts Club – Mrs. Arielle Taylor

Adam Smith Club (entrepreneurship) – Dr. Austin Rehl and Dr. Naresh Nayak

After-School Enrichment – Mrs. Lindsey Mowrey

If you are interested in applying for a teaching position, please contact the office at (740) 885-2033 or send us a resume to info@VeritasMarietta.com.