Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Arielle Taylor

Arielle Taylor is a native of Marietta, Ohio.  She has a bachelors of arts in international relations from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.  She also has teaching certifications in general education through grade 9, English as a second language, and special education.  Mrs. Taylor has taught for 15 years in various settings from preK through adults.

Mrs. Taylor is proud to be teaching a classical curriculum in which students learn how to be virtuous and in which the readings are aligned with rich examples of virtuous (and not so virtuous) behavior.  Of particular importance in a classical setting is the appreciation that children go through three stages of development, grammar, logic, and rhetoric, in a natural age appropriate progression. Therefore, they are learning how to learn and how to think, how question on their own, and how to defend their positions.  “These fundamentals give them a stronger foundation to be successful in life after school,” says Mrs. Taylor.

In her free time, Mrs. Taylor enjoys riding ATVs with her family and traveling.  She and her husband have two children, both of whom attend Veritas.