Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Kathryn Nestor


Mrs. Nestor literally bringing The Jungle Book to life!

Kathryn Nestor is from Vienna, West Virginia and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Marietta College.  Before joining Veritas, she had prior teaching experience at several local elementary schools.  “The most exciting thing for me about teaching is when students and their families realize that education is not all about memorizing facts and regurgitating them on test day.  Learning can be engaging; learning can and should be fun,” said Mrs. Nestor.

Classical education draws multiple disciplines into every lesson. Therefore, a classical teacher must be prepared to weave math into history and science into language arts in creative ways.  This is one of the aspects that most interested Mrs. Nestor about joining Veritas Classical Academy. “If we, as teachers, incorporate varied styles and techniques we can reach our students on an entirely different level.  We can encourage them to think for themselves, to question and to learn. Sparking that curiosity and desire to learn is probably my favorite aspect of teaching,” said Nestor.

Mrs. Nestor appreciates the freedom of teaching for the sake of learning, rather than “teaching to the test.”  She is also pleased with the Academy’s small class sizes. “The small class size offers a wonderful opportunity for individual attention, a rarity in most classrooms today,” she said.

Mrs. Nestor has a wide range of interests outside of teaching.  She enjoys reading and writing, attending and supporting the performing arts, and competing in trivia challenges.  Mrs. Nestor is very involved in the community as a soccer and cheerleading coach in Vienna and as a volunteer for various local organizations.  She lives in Vienna with her husband.