Taking young minds seriously

Mr. Philip Schaffer

Mr. Schaffer’s hometown is Greenwich, Ohio, and after spending time in Arizona he is thrilled to be back in his home state.  A graduate of Ashland University and its prestigious Ashbrook Scholars Program, Mr. Schaffer has taught not only Latin but also Ancient Literature, Logic, Rhetoric, American History, American Literature, and Composition at classical schools in Ohio and Arizona.

Mr. Schaffer’s enthusiasm for teaching at a classical school is evident in his passion for the liberal arts.  “I believe that classical education is the best tool to fully form a young person because a classical education cultivates the entire young person by teaching them to think and conduct themselves as free men. The classical model’s focus on cultivating both intellect and virtue makes it a perfect model for students in any age. ” said Mr. Schaffer.

Mr. Schaffer joyfully teaches Latin because he believes that it is the best tool for learning our own language and preparing oneself to engage in the great conversations of history.  “Latin not only gives a student the tools to understand the implicit grammar and vocabulary of his own language, but it also, because it has endowed this knowledge of language, empowers the student to read and understand the difficult yet profound authors who have successfully understood the human condition.  In short, learning Latin is a means to better understand virtue and vice.  However, Latin is not a tool to better understand virtue, but the process of learning it is an excellent arena in which the student can learn and practice virtue.” – Philip Schaffer