Taking young minds seriously

Mr. Ben Cromwell

Ben Cromwell holds a Masters degree in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN.  He recently moved to Marietta from Salt Lake City where he was the Program Director for Playworks Utah for the past seven years.  Ben is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and has taught every age group from preschool through college.  He is married and has two children.  Ask about their middle names!

Mr. Cromwell is excited about opportunities at Veritas.  “The important thing about education for me is being able to develop relationships with my students.  Veritas has small class sizes and students who are interested in learning, which allows me to take lessons deeper and help students reach their full potential.”

Classical education invites us to connect the dots between literature and science, math, history, and all subjects.  How will Mr. Cromwell do that?  “Literature is deeply connected to every other subject.  Writing has always been a fundamental way for human beings to express themselves, and great thinkers throughout the ages have used the medium of literature to work out the details of math, philosophy, religion, and science.  Where would Aristotle or Archimedes have been without writing?  Without a way to record their thoughts and preserve them from day to day, week to week, and generation to generation, no idea would last more than a few hours.  Literature and writing mean permanence of thought.  They allow us to crystallize everything we think and hold it there on the page so we can return to it later.  In a fundamental sense, writing makes every other subject possible.”

What aspect of teaching is Mr. Cromwell most passionate about?  “I’m most passionate about helping students write well.  Good writing is a skill anyone can learn, but it takes practice and effort.  I love watching students master the skill of putting their thoughts on paper, organizing them into something coherent and beautiful, and discovering new ideas in the process.  If you’re in my class, be prepared to write everyday!” – Ben Cromwell