Taking young minds seriously

Mr. Kodiak Dschida

2014100295161731Mr. Dschida comes to us from California via Hillsdale College where he majored in English and German.    “Kodiak Dschida possesses a creative spark and projects a positive energy which captivates a classroom and lures his students  into learning,” said Dr. Fred Yaniga of Hillsdale College.  In  addition to Mr. Dschida’s language studies, he also has a background in physics and music.

“Kodi ranks in the top 3% of all student I have taught at Hillsdale in 29 years. I expect  him to be a devoted, engaging and creative teacher,” commented Dr.  Eberhard Geyer, Chair and Professor of German at Hillsdale College.  Mr.  Dschida graduated summa cum laude and with Departmental Honors in English and German.

When asked why he chose Veritas, Mr. Dschida responded, “Marietta is why I’m here.  When I  visited Veritas, they showed me your community. That convinced me, and not just because of downtown – judging by the people invested in the Academy,  your town is a gem all around. I look forward to calling it my town,  too.”

Mr. Dschida spent a year  teaching in Germany prior to completing his college education.  His  commitment to classical education is best expressed in his enthusiasm for  imparting knowledge. “Classical education means I can teach any subject  and know it will be useful in others. This is great for every level of  education, and especially the primary and secondary levels, when we are still  searching for the pursuit that draws us.”