Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Allie Lang

Mrs. Allie Lang is a native of central Florida.  She attended The University of Akron, graduating, summa cum laude, with a degree in early childhood education in 2016.  Mrs. Lang taught for a few years before moving to Marietta with her husband to start a new business.  In addition, she previously managed the front office at Veritas where she quickly became a much beloved member of our staff.

Allie is excited to be back in the classroom to work with such a bright, eager, and excited age group.  “I enjoy having the opportunity to instill a love of learning in children, through the use of engaging and interactive educational experiences.  I love watching children light up when they learn something new, seeing their pride grow in a such a humble way when they realize they’re able to learn and understand so many new concepts,” said Mrs. Lang.

Even in kindergarten, the curriculum is not only academically challenging but also rich in opportunities to teach about virtue.  “It is important to me to help each child begin to grow and build a virtuous character through our school work and the examples we set in the classroom.  This will allow the students to become excellent thinkers and problem-solvers throughout all walks of life,” explains Mrs. Lang.

Mrs. Lang lives in Marietta with her husband.  Among her many hobbies, she enjoys cooking, exercising, going to church, reading, and writing, and her favorite book is Tuesdays with Morrie.