Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Emily Gale

Mrs. Gale's guard

Mrs. Gale’s guard

Mrs. Gale is originally from Nevada but she now lives in Vienna, West Virginia with her husband (Spencer) and daughter (Macie).

Mrs. Gale has taught various elementary school grades and has many years of teaching experience.  She is a gifted teacher, and she adores her little students.  “I love that in addition to teaching the basics, the classical curriculum incorporates examples of virtue for the children to emulate,” commented Mrs. Gale.

“I enjoy interacting with children, making learning exciting, and seeing the reward on their faces when they understand a concept,” said Mrs. Gale. Our Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University in 2003.

“Mrs. Gale is an exceptional teacher,” commented Headmaster Rutherford.  “She is warm and loving; she teaches with enthusiasm; and it is evident she loves teaching the youngest minds – precisely what you want in a Kindergarten teacher,” said Rutherford.

Mrs Gale's classroom

Mrs. Gale’s classroom