Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Rachelle Smith

Rachelle Smith teaches English and economics at Veritas.  Mrs. Smith studied English and economics at Marietta College and completed graduate studies in education at Indiana Wesleyan University.  A student herself, Mrs. Smith is currently pursuing her M.A. in English at Ohio University.  Mrs. Smith and her husband, Ryan, live with their five children in downtown Marietta.

The moment I was formally introduced to classical education, I was hooked!  Unbeknownst to me, my favorite things growing up – Latin, penmanship, grammar, and so on, were rooted in the fading tradition of classical education.  I think I found these things so attractive because they trace back to something older and sturdier than what I saw around me.  The tradition goes back not years or generations, but millennia.  It worked then and works today.

Studying English is a key component of a classical education.  In English studies, we read great books and develop skills to communicate critically and confidently.  As readers, we enter into a conversation about what it is to be human.  As writers, we get to engage that conversation – and many others – in a meaningful way.  These processes foster learning across the disciplines and enable us to grow in, preserve, and transmit knowledge over the course of our lives.  – Rachelle Smith