Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Sylvia Rajakaruna

“I love teaching the Montessori philosophy!” exclaims Mrs. Sylvia Rajakaruna, who has been teaching Montessori for more than 40 years.  Affectionately known by all as “Mrs. Sylvia”, she obtained her degree in Sri Lanka, her home country.  “I love teaching this level, where I can help them learn order, respect, discipline, good manners, and good habits, but most importantly, the joy of learning,” says Mrs. Sylvia.  Her students learn concentration and good coordination, they work on fine and large motor skills and sensorial activities, math and language skills, and also basic geography, botany, and geometry.

“My reward is to watch them grow emotionally and intellectually, absorbing everything in their environment.  My job as a teacher is to assist them to gain confidence in what they learn through good concentration and at their own pace with a little guidance.  I love to see their achievements, praise them with love, and see their happy faces,” says Mrs. Sylvia

Mrs. Sylvia lives in Marietta with her husband, Gerry.  They have two children and one grandson.