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House System

Discover how camaraderie, mentorship, and friendly competition thrive within our historical houses, fostering a sense of belonging and excellence among our students.

Engagement & Tradition

The house system is a centuries-old feature of classical schools used widely in Great Britain and schools modeled after the British system.  The system was initially implemented in boarding schools where students actually ate, drank, and slept in individual houses during the school term.  The house system is designed to encourage and increase camaraderie, mentorship, leadership, and competition and to foster loyalty, school pride, and tradition.

Veritas Classical Academy’s house system was instituted in the fall of 2016. Our houses are named after historical figures who sought to adhere to the virtues we seek to instill in every Veritas student. We have three houses: Washington, Saul of Tarsus, and Chesterton. Each house has its own house crest, symbols, Latin inscription, and colors, and each will develop its own traditions. Your house is like a family within the larger Academy community, and the members of each house are there to encourage one another to do their best in all endeavors.

The houses compete for points earned through academic and athletic achievement, community service, and virtuous conduct.  Points may also be deducted for poor conduct.  At the end of the year, the house with the most points shall be awarded the House Cup.

Students will be assigned to their houses at the beginning of the school year and will remain in that house until graduation.  

Siblings will be in the same house.

Welcome to Veritas

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