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Early Education

“The education of a child does not aim at preparing them for school, but for life.”

– Maria Montessori


At Veritas, our Montessori prepared environment honors the child and the beauty and order essential for them to work at their natural, individual and optimal level. Carefully designed Montessori materials attract the interest of our students, while at the same time teaching an important, isolated concept for the child’s discovery.  The integrated Montessori curriculum shows the child how every aspect of learning is connected and intertwined.  As  Montessori educators,  we understand and guide the child without interfering in their natural ability to teach themselves and become an independent, contributing member in our classroom.

Pre-K - 6th Grade: Grammar

The youngest students, from Pre-K through sixth grade, are in the grammar stage of education. This is the stage in which the student learns the “grammar” the basic, foundational, understanding, of all those subjects which he will still be working with at the rhetoric stage: history, literature, composition, mathematics, the sciences, art, music, Latin, and more.

At the grammar stage, the student is just beginning his educational journey, but has an incredible advantage, a mind like a sponge. By presenting the student with a great deal of information, this stage lays the foundation on which the logic and rhetoric stages will later be placed. This stage is also foundational for the formation of a virtuous student.

The self-discipline which a student at this stage learns will be molded into prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice, eventually to be crowned by wisdom.

Kinder Plus

For the 2024-25 school year, Veritas Classical Academy will be offering a new option for our Montessori and Kindergarten students.

The Kinder Plus class is offered from 12-3PM on school days. As an extension of early classical education, the Kinder Plus learning space will have two main areas:  outdoors and indoors!  Students will dig in the dirt and draw what they find, plant delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers, keep a nature journal, describe weather patterns, and share joy in the changing seasons through art, writing and storytelling.  

Indoors time will have a strong emphasis on puppet shows, as students make and use different kinds of puppets to tell stories from a variety of sources.  January through April will feature a large-project production of the folktale “Stone Soup,” with students constructing their own marionette puppets, practicing how to manage all those strings, writing the story together, recording a soundtrack, and performing it several times in senior centers and other venues.

Kinder Plus: laughter, imagination, and messy fingers!

Families pay an additional tuition fee for Kinder Plus. This is a standard tuition option, not subject to attendance days.  We anticipate with 10 or more students participating, the tuition cost for Kinder Plus will be $1950.00. Please let us know if you are interested in this all-day option for your Montessori or Kindergarten student.

Early Education Instructors

Mrs. Wendy Rehl

3rd & 4th Grade Instructor
Founder & Mentor

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Mr. David Veres

Lower School Lead
Administrative Team
Instructor Logic/Math

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Mrs. Jamie Weaver

Upper School Instructor

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Mrs. Lindsey Mowrey

Substitute Teacher

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Mrs. Sarah McKay

5th/6th Grade Instructor
Performing Arts Lead

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Mrs. Tamara Headrick

Kindergarten Aide

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Mrs. Winnie Williams

Kindergarten Instructor

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Mrs. Becky Clark

Montessori Instructor

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