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Mrs. Sarah McKay

5th/6th Grade Instructor
Performing Arts Lead

A city girl at heart, Sarah McKay and her growing family moved to quiet and lovely Marietta in the summer of 2006. She and her husband homeschooled their five children for a decade using a Classical curriculum and mindset. Soon after Veritas Classical Academy was established, the McKay children were enrolled and Ms. McKay settled into a classroom and has been happily teaching there ever since. She uses her Bachelor’s degree in Zoology (UW-Madison, 2001) to inspire in her students a curiosity for the natural world around us and to hone the children’s innate proclivity for observation and inquiry. Likewise, she uses her experiences of world travel, including a year and a half living in Mongolia teaching English and doing volunteer church service, to foster in her students a love for people, traditions, cultures, and history. Her years of educating her children at home across multiple grades have given her an awareness of the curriculum of all ages of children in the Academy and a better ability to build on what has been learned in the younger grades and to purposefully prepare the students for that which will come in the upper grades. Her eight years of teaching beginning music with the Let’s Play Music program have given her a unique ability to make new academic concepts “pop” and to keep the students actively engaged even during Logic, Grammar, and Composition lessons. She loves teaching the middle grades because while the students are maturing into beginning to reason in a more advanced way, they also hold on to a charming and inspiring childlike wonderment and awe. 

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