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Letter From Our Headmaster

Enriching The Educational Experience

Dear Veritas Classical Academy Community, 

As we scroll through the pages of our website, we are reminded of the foundational Christian principles that anchor and inspire us. 

Through the combined efforts of our dedicated families, faculty team, students, board and founders, we uphold the virtues of truth, beauty and goodness, enriching the educational experience for all. 

Throughout this academic year, our students have progressed in an environment fostering personal growth alongside academic excellence. Together we celebrate their achievements! 

In the spirit of Christian fellowship, our small school in Marietta, Ohio, has been enriched by the support of volunteers who selflessly give. Their contributions embody the essence of service and stewardship, brightening the lives of all who walk through our doors.

As we reflect on the past year, we give thanks for the founders whose vision and dedication are  the bedrock of our school. Their commitment to providing a virtue-based education continues to shape our mission and guide us on our journey.

As we scroll through the pages of this website, may we be reminded of all that is true, good and beautiful, and may we harken the call to live out these ideals in all that we do. With hearts filled with gratitude, let us continue to seek excellence individually and as a Veritas Classical Academy community.


Veritas Classical Academy Board & Educational Team

Welcome to Veritas

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