Taking young minds seriously

Mr. William Sears

Williams Sears earned his bachelor’s degree from Marietta College in 2007, majoring in physics and mathematics.  He has done research and given presentations in both subjects at institutions of higher learning.  Mr. Sears has taught at Washington State Community College, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, and Marietta College.  Prior to earning his degree at Marietta College, Mr. Sears was a deputy sheriff in Golden, Colorado and also served in the United States Navy for eight years.

Mr. Sears teaches mathematics and logic at Veritas Classical Academy.  He is also the faculty advisor of the Ben Franklin Society (engineering club) at Veritas.  He lives in Marietta with his wife, Amy, and their children, Jack and Audrey.

The teaching of mathematics has undergone significant changes in the last few years, but Mr. Sears is committed to teaching traditional concepts.  “The education of a generation (of students) is too important to be left to experimentation – especially in mathematics.” – William Sears