Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Sarah McKay

Mrs. McKay hails from Chicago, Illinois.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001. Before finishing college she also spent a year and a half teaching English as a second language in Mongolia.

Mrs. McKay has taught all elementary grade subjects employing the classical model for several years.  “I love that it [classical education] teaches to the strengths of each developmental stage of the child, filling the mind with facts at the Grammar stage; ordering those facts with reason, seeking out the “whys” of formulas and historic events in the Logic stage; and finally, when the mind is full and ordered, it is ready, in the Rhetoric stage, to reason beautifully and arrive at sound conclusions and express thoughts eloquently. This is the mark of a well-educated mind,” stated Mrs. McKay.

Sarah McKay is very eager to extract the most out of her young enthusiastic students. “The teachers at Veritas are not afraid to challenge their students and expect great things from them. And in return, the students respond to these challenges by creating amongst themselves an atmosphere of academic excitement.  It is a joy to be part of a school where the students are driven by a love of learning and the teachers competently cultivate their students’ natural curiosity.  I am also pleased that parents are so involved in the school as I believe a child’s interest in their own education is greatly influenced by the parent’s interest in the same,” said Mrs. McKay.

It is impossible to contain Mrs. McKay’s excitement about each new school year.  “I am excited by the challenge of diagramming complex sentences as we tease apart the elements that make up the grammar of our language.  I am excited to not just know that 1/2 (b x h) equals the area of a triangle but to know why.  I can’t wait to be moved by the artwork of a famous artist or by a beautifully penned phrase of a poet or author and to try our hand at those same crafts to see what beauty lies within us. I look forward to making history come alive in our classroom that we may better understand who we are by knowing our past.  I smile to think of those beautiful moments of awe and inspiration that will come as we study and understand the world through science. We are going to have so  much fun!”

Mrs. McKay lives in Marietta with her husband, Dr. Cavendish McKay, professor of Physics at Marietta College, and their five children.