Taking young minds seriously

Mrs. Wendy Rehl

no gold

Mrs. Rehl and her students panning for gold. No luck today!

Mrs. Rehl grew up in Northwest Ohio and now lives in Marietta with her husband, Austin, and their six children.

In 2000, Mrs. Rehl graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a degree in Communications.  She has spent the last ten years teaching a classical curriculum to elementary school children ranging in age from 4 to 14.

“Classical studies are the pinnacle of true education.  Whether the subject is art, science or math, classical education conveys the knowledge of centuries in a captivating and traditional manner so that kids develop a lifelong love of learning,” said Mrs. Rehl.  “Classical education isn’t about memorization, but it is about helping young children master the basics, like the multiplication tables, so that when they become older students they can access and manipulate that knowledge,” explained Mrs. Rehl.

Mrs. Rehl can often be spotted teaching a science lesson outdoors or teaching the students music.  Whether it’s catching cicadas to study in science, conducting math drills, or reproducing a work by Botticelli, Mrs. Rehl’s students are always in for a challenging day.

When she is not in the classroom, Mrs. Rehl enjoys teaching aerobics, playing the piano, gardening, reading, and spending time with her family. Five of her children attend Veritas.