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Mrs. Jessica Honeycutt

1st & 2nd Instructor

My name is Jessica Honeycutt, I am a first year teacher at Veritas. I received my Bachelor’s in early childhood education in 2020. I soon welcomed my daughter Marianna in December of 2020 and Zoey in July of 2022. My husband Jaren and I recently moved to Marietta, and fell in love with the city as well as Veritas.

I’ve held positions in education and social work, as it was always my goal to pursue meaningful work. I took time off to raise my little girls and am looking forward to growing with them at the academy.

I’m a hobbyist; I crochet, sew, and paint. I’ve always had a love for the arts and have taught art classes in different settings. I also have a background in Martial Arts, receiving my black belt at age 16, for a career of 10 years in practice. With all the outlets I was blessed to pursue I look forward to providing my students with the knowledge and courage to pursue all their passions.

Why Veritas?

I was drawn to Veritas because it encompasses everything I want for my children and myself in a learning environment. They have developed a tight knit community, with emphasis on personal growth and development. The importance of practicality and critical thinking is an essential criteria for my family and I. Veritas promises to take young minds seriously and I truly believe their program will produce well rounded students ready to take on the world. 

Welcome to Veritas

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