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Mrs. Lee Flinn


My name is Lee Flinn. I am the owner of Flinn Accounting Solutions, LLP. I am partnered with my daughter Erica Flinn, and we conduct our business from our home in Williamstown, West Virginia. I graduated with an accounting degree in 1978 and have been employed as an accountant for many businesses over the past 30 years. It was in 2019 when I decided to start my own accounting business. Partly to offer my daughter the opportunity to be able to stay at home with her twin sons and to be able to work with small businesses as I had become weary of the corporate life. Working with small businesses allows for a personal relationship with my clients along with fulfilling my desire to help people succeed. Family has and always will be a priority for me and I have the privilege to feel like my clients are a part of my family. Unlike the corporate world, owning my own business allows me to be able to express my family values and focus on my spiritual growth by interacting with others of strong beliefs and their willingness to share them with me. My goal is to continue to work until I am no longer a value to my clients professionally, but my hope is to maintain the relationships I have built with each of them over these past years.

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